Webinar on opportunities and challenges for rural off grid Lighting and distribution markets in India

The Lighting Asia/India Program led discussions at this webinar, which was hosted by the Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network. This webinar was part of the broader work that the UN Foundation is undertaking on energy access within the UN and the World Bank’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative. Anjali Garg of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) provided a brief overview of the IFC’s Lighting Asia/India program, which was created to address the energy needs of communities in remote rural India while promoting local entrepreneurship and sustainable rural development.

Praveen Kumar of IFC and Ajaita Shah of Frontier Markets discussed the opportunities and challenges in the rural off-grid markets and models of distribution, incorporating both the experience of the Lighting Asia/India program and Frontier Markets’ work with rural communities in remote parts of Rajasthan, India. And, Gaurav Gupta of Dalberg shared emerging and innovative distribution models in off-grid renewable energy sector in India. View webinar content and recording at: https://cleanenergysolutions.org/training/rural-off-grid-lighting-distribution-markets-india.