Increasing access to reliable and affordable clean energy products to rural households in Rajasthan.

The Lighting Asia/India team will be hosting an event in Jaipur on 14th September 2015, to discuss a vital part of our work looking at creating consumer awareness to promote quality assured solar lighting products in rural villages in India.

This event will specifically focus on Lighting Asia/India Program’s and its Associate Frontier Markets work on building last mile distribution for quality solar solutions by empowering women and focusing on partnering with retail points in rural villages through the ‘SuryodayTM’ Campaign. Frontier Markets will highlight its work with NGOs on the ground that work on empowering women through Self-Help Groups. The model attempts to make these women or Solar Sahelis an integral part of solar distribution and service. The Solar Sahelis are marketing, sales and after-sales agents who are linked to its retail network for local stock access; both generating income through solar livelihood.

If you would like more information on the event, or would like to attend, please write to