Dharma Life Lights Up 16,000 Young Minds In 260 Villages on International Literacy Day

New Delhi, September 8, 2015: On World Literacy Day, thousands of village children across India will be mobilized through an initiative of Dharma Life/ Gajam India called ‘Lighting up Young Minds’. This interactive campaign will promote a three-fold message among rural communities – reading among rural children, giving a clear voice to their aspirations and demonstrating the benefits of clean energy technology to the entire community.

This campaign is conceptualized and executed by Dharma Life in partnership with Pratham Books’ Champions program where a community of volunteers uses one book to conduct reading sessions. These sessions are conducted free of cost and mostly with children from under-served communities. The 4th edition of ‘One Day, One Story’ will see more than 2,300 Champions conduct storytelling sessions in villages, towns and cities.

A vast number of Indians, especially rural people, do not develop to their fullest potential because the habit of reading is not inculcated during childhood. On World Literacy Day, Dharma Life’s village entrepreneurs will conduct interactive book reading sessions with 16,000 children across 260 villages. The activity is focused on making story books more accessible, making reading fun and inculcating reading as a habit. The entrepreneurs will read with children aged 8 to 15, from books given by Pratham – one of India’s leading NGOs in the field of education. To sustain the habit of reading, Pratham will provide the books to permanent libraries set up by Dharma Life.

for more information visit: www.dharma.net.in