Market Presence of Off-Grid Lighting Products: Insights from a study in Bihar and Odisha

This study looks at the presence of off-grid electric lighting products in conventional retail supply chains in Bihar and Odisha states of India. Baseline information for this study was collected in February and March 2013. While large populations in Bihar and Odisha live off-grid, there are significant differences in geographical and socio-economic conditions between the two states. This makes them a representative cross-section of the off-grid lighting market in India. The report provides a snapshot of the current market scenario with respect to technology, product pricing, product penetration, sales volume, and retail store characteristics. It also presents information about the presence of solar-charged off-grid lighting technologies in the conventional retail supply chain. This study is especially useful to manufacturers and distributors of solar-charged off-grid light technologies interested in understanding the options available to end-consumers in the two states.

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Consumer Preference for Off-Grid Lighting Products: Insights from a study in Bihar and Odisha

A variety of modern off-grid electric lighting technologies for areas not connected to the electric grid have emerged over the last decade. Good quality off-grid lighting products are cost-effective, robust, and use small amounts of energy. As a result, there is a large market for these technologies. This study is based on focus group discussions (FGDs) conducted in Bihar and Odisha states of India during February and March 2013 to gain insight into consumer preferences for off-grid lighting products. Field sites were selected to determine whether preferences varied significantly between regions with different characteristics. While both states have large off-grid populations, income levels and population densities in the study area in Bihar were significantly higher. Twelve FGDs were conducted in these two states, with separate male and female groups involving 113 respondents.

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Lighting Asia: Solar Off-Grid Lighting, Market analysis of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia and Philippines

Catalyzing markets for off-grid lighting (Lighting Asia/India) conducted a research of the off-grid lighting market in seven countries across Asia – India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines – and presents the opportunity for investors and industry players to make a real and necessary impact by serving communities without access to reliable electricity.

The report provides analysis to support the Asian off-grid lighting market by guiding enterprises in formulating their strategy to enter / scale up in these markets.

The report also assists investors, financial institutions and regulatory authorities in understanding these markets and in identifying potential opportunities to catalyze their growth.

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From Gap to Opportunity: Business Models for Scaling Up Energy Access

This report breaks new ground by estimating that there is a $37 billion market opportunity for improved energy services at the base of the pyramid. It profiles companies with innovative business models and explores in detail what it takes for them to succeed.

More specifically, the report sizes the commercial opportunity for lighting, basic electricity and cooking services, and explores in depth how companies are capturing this potential around the world. With a view to scaling up market-based successes, it offers a series of recommendations for operating firms, social and commercial investors, as well as policy-makers and donors.

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