Associate Program for Manufacturers of Off-Grid Lighting Products

IFC’s Lighting Asia/India program is a market transforming program with the objective of promoting modern off-grid lighting solutions to this underserved population.

Companies with products that satisfy Lighting Asia’s eligibility criteria, including quality assurance of products, will be invited to join the Lighting Asia/India program as an Associate. Associate companies can access business support services to help them overcome existing business challenges; better understand market potential; expand to new markets; and forge new supplier and distributor relationships.

Our current Lighting Asia/India Associates are listed below. For more information on becoming an Associate please click here

Dharma Life creates entrepreneurs at the village level and provides them with socially impactful products relevant to its causes. Dharma Life trains individuals at the last mile to become Dharma Life Entrepreneurs and provides them with developmental support. Dharma Life partners with corporates to provide a product range to meet the rural consumer’s need.

Frontier Markets( FM) is a sales and after-sales service distribution company for affordable clean enery products to improve energy access in rural India for low-incomefamilies.FM partners with local channels like microfinance,dairy,NGO’s,farmers’corpuses and local retailers who are keen on selling solar solutions to their customers and require gurantees and support. FM helps bridge the gap between partners and solar sales by creating branded enterpreneurs and retailers who locally connect to rural customers through their marketing, training and after-sales service support.

Greenlight Planet, (, a leading manufacturer of off-grid solar products, has signed an agreement with the Lighting Asia/India program to further increase its presence and footprint in Bihar, Odisha, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Greenlight planet and IFC will also jointly undertake a comparative analysis of usage and feedback from customers in selected geographies that will provide insights into consumer perspectives about solar products and inputs for new product development.

Lighting Asia/India is an IFC program aimed at increasing access to clean, affordable energy in rural India by promoting modern off-grid lighting products, and systems. The program works with the private sector to remove market entry barriers, provide market intelligence, foster B2B/market linkages and raise consumer awareness on modern lighting options.

For more information on IFC’s Lighting Asia/ India program, visit, or contact Anjali Garg at .