October 16, 2017- IFC’s Lighting Pakistan Program organizes training for Micro-Finance Institutes in Kot Addu and Mithi

Recently, two training programs were organized in two provinces each i.e.Punjab (Kot Addu) and Sindh (Mithi).
The training is part of IFC’s drive towards providing high quality, affordable and durable solar lighting solutions to off-grid households. In collaboration with certified manufacturers of solar energy products, the program seeks to benefit at least 1.5 million people, given the fact that 144 million population in the country is either unserved (off-grid) or underserved (with over 12 hours of load-shedding daily).
The training programs covered areas such as: Introduction and benefits of solar lighting, Microfinance institutes as solar lighting providers, Microfinance model for solar lighting products, Marketing and sales promotion techniques and Monthly/quarterly planning. A total of 15 participants in Mithi and 27 in Kot Addu benefited from the training.

Dileep Lohana, one of the participants had the following comments:
“This training provided us with information on selling techniques in general, not just solar products which will help us a lot. The principle of marketing was very well explained. We operate on a target-based model so this will help me increase my sales”.

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