Lighting Pakistan partner Brighterlite extends its footprint to Thatta, Sindh

Lighting Pakistan, in collaboration with Brighterlite, one of its distribution associates, held a trade event in Thatta, Sindh on June 3, 2016. This was the second event of its kind. The event was designed to help build a sustainable retail network for Brighterlite’s franchisee in the districts of Thatta and Sajawal.


Local retailers and business representatives from Thatta and surrounding areas take keen interest in the Brighterlite products

The event was attended by more than 100  local distributors, retailers, businessmen, local representatives of telecom companies and NGOs. Retailers signed up as a result of the event to become partner with the Brighterlite’s Franchise in some key locations.

During the half-day event, representatives from Lighting Pakistan and Brighterlite presented to the audience and then fielded questions. Discussion focused at Lighting Pakistan’s support to Brighterlite, and the company’s product, business model, pricing and sales prospects. Participants took keen interest in opportunities presented

Lighting Pakistan Program Coordinator, Ibrar Hussain Khattak, explained the role of the program in ensuring the quality of products and in supporting associates to make inroads in local markets. He said, “Our efforts earlier in Jacobabad and other regions have had encouraging results. Lighting Pakistan continues to support its partners in creating consumer awareness and providing a platform to attract interest in affordable, quality verified, safe and durable solar products.”


Head of Sales Brighterlite, Altaf Khadim, presenting products and their benefits to the participants

Brighterlight’s Head of Sales & Disribution, Altaf Khadim, shared his views with the participants of the event, he said, “More than 80% population in Thatta is living either in off-grid or underserved areas. Brighterlite’s services in Thatta and Sajawal will help local customers deal with the energy crisis by enabling access to high quality solar products. We offer tremendous opportunity to local businesses and entrepreneurs to grow with us.”

In his presentation, Brighterlite’s franchisee in Thatta, Ghulam Rasool Khatri, attributed his initial success to the support he was receiving from the company and IFC. He told the audience how Brighterlite’s rental model made its products affordable to the local communities.

Lighting Pakistan in collaboration with its partners continues to strengthen the foothold of their existing business networks across the country and to create demand for quality-verified off-grid solar products.

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