Consumer Awareness

Lighting Pakistan works to develop confidence in the benefits of off-grid solar products by showing consumers how to identify and buy quality-verified products. An extensive consumer awareness campaign to that end is being designed. Currently, we are running it in pilot phase to better understand market dynamics and consumer behavior.

Bijli nahin tau light jalao

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For the market of high-quality solar products to develop in Pakistan, consumers must recognize the opportunity. Lighting Pakistan aims to develop their confidence in the benefits of quality-verified, off-grid solar products. We work with our associates, their local partners and other market players downstream in the value chain to activate communities. These activation’s are designed to help consumers recognize that products in the program offer quality and longevity of use, result in considerable savings over the long term, and can lead to significant positive changes in their lifestyles.

Our activations go through the following process:

Our core market activation package for partners includes:

  • Training of partner staff by a top training firm on solar marketing
  • Market events for MSMEs, NGOs, and LSOs
  • Direct-to-consumer activities at the town and village levels

Below are some pictures from activations we have done in the past.

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