Almost 144 millions Pakistanis are facing an energy crisis

They have to resort to using alternative lighting devices that are low-quality, wasteful, and unsafe.
We want to make sure they have better options.

Lighting Pakistan

Lighting Pakistan is a program by IFC – a member of the World Bank Group, and the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector. The program aims at helping address the lighting needs of Pakistani consumers by helping them gain access to low-cost, high-quality, safe, reliable, and cleaner lighting products.
Lighting Pakistan is part of the larger Lighting Asia Program for the region and follows the same overall approach. The Lighting Asia program was launched after the Lighting Africa Program posted early success in the African market.

It is all happening, NOW!

Lighting Pakistan makes sure that

  • All players fully understand the market dynamics
  • Manufacturers can get their products tested against Lighting Global Quality Standards
  • Distributors can acquire quality-verified products
  • Microfinance institutions can consider financing options for the industry
  • Government is asked to support a healthy regulatory environment
  • Consumers are enabled to judge product quality

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